Aluminum is a sturdy while lightweight metal which makes it the ideal material for awnings, canopies, patio covers, and car ports. Here’s why:

Aluminum does not rust and easily lasts 20+ years with very little maintenance.
Aluminum is extremely strong, and able to withstand up to hurricane force winds, rain, snow, sleet, and UV rays from the sun.
Compared to cloth, aluminum keeps a covered area cooler during the warm months, and warmer during the cold months, due to its reflective and insulating properties according to the sun’s position at different times of the year

Aluminum is 100%-recyclable material, which makes it more nature friendly than cloth used in awnings. Even after your awning is ready to be replaced, the material can be reused and it won’t end up in a landfill like materials from fabric awnings.

Estevez Aluminum’s custom-made aluminum awnings, canopies, patio covers, screen enclosures, and car ports are simply the best investment you can make to increase your home’s energy efficiency, attractiveness, and comfort for the long term.