This home’s side patio was turned into comfortable outside relaxation area with a patio cover.

Is your patio too hot to enjoy it when the sun’s shining? Patio covers, which are sometimes also called deck awnings, are an inexpensive way to extend your living space by making your outdoor space usable even during the hottest months of the year. Our aluminum patio covers protect you, your outdoor furniture and appliances from the sun’s rays, falling debris and weather year-round allowing you to clean less and enjoy your patio more.

Considering DIY patio cover kits as an option?

Unlike cloth awnings, especially the retractable kind, our patio covers don’t have mechanical parts that could break over time. Our aluminum deck awnings are also lightweight and sturdy. Whereas a gust of wind could destroy a cloth cover in an instant, our covers are built to withstand anything up to hurricane-force winds. Light-colored patio covers keep your patio cooler than fabric ones because they reflect sun’s rays away from your patio. We have been manufacturing and installing our patio covers since 1982 and often we’ll be able to install your new cover in just one day. Plus if you go with us, you’ll get to enjoy our 10-year warranty on parts and labor.

Patio covers extend your usable outside space by protecting you from rain and the sun.

Patio covers extend your usable outside space by protecting you and your outdoor furniture from debris, rain and the sun.

Our patio covers come in 16 designer colors, so you’ll be sure to find one to complement your home’s color. Or choose a bolder color that will turn your patio cover into an accent element. Whatever color you choose for the top, the underside of the patio cover is painted a soft white, allowing for diffused light to enter your home. We manufacture our products locally and the color is baked on the patio cover so the paint will never peel, chip, or crack.

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Thanks for a job well done. You and your guys did an excellent job.
– Joyce

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