Our beautiful, made-to-order car ports complement your yard and keep your car looking like new. The 10-year warranty on parts and craftsmanship secure your investment for years to come. Ask for a free quote today!

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Metal Car port

Our metal car ports are made of light-weight aluminum that lasts for decades without warping or sagging.

Car ports offer most benefits of a garage with a lot smaller price tag. They provide sturdy protection for your car, truck, boat, or RV without the hassle of worrying about opening and closing doors. And thanks to their lightweight but sturdy construction, you’ll be enjoying your new car port often in just one day! We manufacture all of our products locally, so your car port will be custom-made to fit your needs based on the size and number of vehicles you have. Take your pick from 16 colors to make sure your new car port blends in with your house and your yard.

Car port makes it easy to keep your car cooler and looking better

A car port will shield your car from the elements and bird droppings, which saves trips to the car wash. It also blocks falling debris like pine cones – even hail – which could do costly damage to your car. Since it helps block direct sunlight, UV rays won’t cause your car’s paint and interior to fade. Hate the burning-hot car seats and stifling heat of a car that’s been sitting in the sun? A car port keeps your car cooler and more comfortable – an immediate benefit you can feel.

Considering metal garages as an option?

Metal garages are great in certain cases, but for most people they’re an overkill in size and cost. Car ports provide most of the benefits of a garage with less cost: it keeps your car cleaner and cooler. But because there are no doors to open, you’ll actually use your car port. Compared with building a garage, installing a car port is a breeze; installation often takes less than a day. If you already have a concrete or asphalt driveway, we will fasten the car port to the ground. In case there is no hard surface to fasten the posts to, we will dig holes and pour concrete footings to ensure that your metal car port will stay in place even in up to hurricane-strength winds.

Thinking of what material would be best for your metal car port?

Thanks to its small footprint and light structure, a car port is easy to install even on smaller yards. It also helps you shield your car from the elements.

Thanks to its small footprint and light structure, a car port is easy to install even on smaller yards. It also helps you shield your car from the elements.

We only use high-quality and low-maintenance aluminum because it does not rust, sag or warp. And since the paint is baked on, it will not not peel, chip, or crack, which keeps your car port looking good for years, often decades. Best yet, you’ll never have to paint it! Compared to steel, for example, aluminum is also much lighter and cheaper. Our car ports are extremely durable and come backed up with a 10-year warranty for parts and labor so you can be assured that your investment will be a good one. Interested in a quote or still have questions? Contact us now – there’s no obligation!

OUTSTANDING! Materials and construction are Top Notch. The materials are high quality and they were put together in such a way that they should weather through anything Mother Nature could throw at it. The entire project went way beyond expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone. An Angie’s List user

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